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Simple tips to write letters, essays, reports, reviews, articles.

Simple tips to write letters, essays, reports, reviews, articles.


  • 2. INFORMAL LETTER IN 7 STEPS 1. SALUTATION, (Comma & Hey!) 2. START A LETTER Thank for the previous letter OR apologize for not writing before, 1 or 2 questions regarding family or friends. (1 paragraph that is short — Informal letters to strangers: reasons why you are writing — 3. BODY Answer the knowledge which you have been told, express your interest to know more about the thing that was previously mentioned. Make positive comments, respond 1 by 1 & use imagination. (2 paragraphs) 4. END YOUR LETTER with a few questions so your receiver feels, motivated to reply. Give news, be emotional, plan a date, leave contact details (1 pragraph that is short 5. CLOSING LINE (1 line 10 – 15 words) 6. COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE (1 or 2 words) You might use contractions or phrasal verbs ?
  • 3. INFORMAL LETTER 1. Dear Martin, 2. TO START OUT A LETTER • Thank you for your letter. It was great to listen to away from you. How’s your new baby? • thank you for your letter and sorry for not replying sooner. • Sorry We haven’t written for way too long. I’ve been really busy lately. Which means you bought a house that is new! How is it?
  • 4. 6. COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE • Love, • Lots of love, • Cheers! Take it simple! • Best wishes, • all of the best, Marking Code: Capitalization, Organisation, Punctuation, Register/Formality, Sentence Structure, Spelling, Wrong form, Word order, Wrong tense, Wrong word, Word(s) missing, Omit word. INFORMAL LETTER 5. TO END A LETTER • Give my love to… • Ok, I’ve surely got to go now, so see you soon! • That’s about all. Do write soon and let me know everything you’ve been doing. • I look ahead to seeing you soon. Thank you in advance for the help.
  • 5. “Task letter”
  • 6. 1. Hello Simon, 2. I’m glad you have in mind my country. As the friend said, I’d like us to email one another to assist me improve your English. 3. i want to start with telling you a little about myself and my children. My name’s Ivo and I also live in Kutna Hora, which can be about 45 minutes from Prague by car. I used be effective for a medical company but now I am learning how to be a salesperson. In the future I want a working job where I’m able to travel for my work. I’ve already been to a couple places in Europe but I have never gone to an country that is english-speaking. I live aware of my parents, which is convenient, when I do not have to do housework that is much my meals are cooked for me. My younger brother is studying at university. Than me, we get on quite well although he is four years younger. We both enjoy music and snowboarding. 4. think about you? Have you ever gone to the Czech Republic? It will be great if you could come over 1 day and we could fix up a gathering. Why not inform me your plans? 5. Anyway, i have to go and obtain on with my work! Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 6. Best wishes, 7. Siore (180-190 words)

  • 8. FORMAL LETTER IN 7 STEPS 1. SALUTATION, To strangers: To whom it may concern, 2. START A LETTER State the good reason why you may be writing. (1 short paragraph) 3. BODY Answer the data which you have now been told. Give information regarding the presssing issue you may be currently talking about. Respond the duty references 1 by 1 & use imagination. (2 paragraphs) 4. END YOUR LETTER by expressing what do you want to get because of this or answer. (Offer solutions, ask for something in exchange). Leave contact details (1 pragraph that is short 5. CLOSING LINE (look ahead to ______ing ….) 6. COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE (2 words) You may NOT use contractions NOR phrasal verbs ?
  • 9. FORMAL LETTER ORGANISING THE INFORMATION Firstly Secondly In addition Lastly / last but most certainly not least 5. TO FINISH A LETTER I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Don’t use contractions. Dear Sir/Madam, Dear Mr. / Mrs. Smith Yours faithfully Yours sincerely 6. COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE yours sincerely, yours faithfully,
  • 10. 1. Dear Mr. Smith, 2. I am writing to try to get the career of . that I saw advertised in “The Guardian” newspaper. 3. I am 23 years of age as well as the moment I am studying … at …. .Having studied English for over seven years i will be a fluent speaker of the language. My qualifications also include Proficiency certificates in both german and french. As far as experience is worried, I have worked as . for . In terms of my personality, people tell me i will be . 4. I feel I would be ideal for this job because I. . This will give me the chance to ….. . I would also like the chance to. 5. I look forward to hearing yours sincerely, 7. Siorella Gonzales away from you. 6
  • 11. FCE ESSAY BEFORE STARTING Think of a response to the Essay question! Plan your essay. (Brainstorm for 5-10 minutes) Manage your time. (Aprox. 40 minutes) WHENEVER YOU FINISH make certain you have expressed yourself clearly. Look at your writing for grammar & spelling mistakes. TIPS NO contractions, colloquial expressions or ‘chatty’ style. Use complex grammar structures and sophisticated vocabulary Use conditional sentences and all PRESENT,PAST, FUTURE tenses. Give your OPINION AT THE END, NOT in the beginning.
  • 12. The introduction should: • Start general and go til specific • be 3 to 4 sentences long. • have a sentence or 2 about the topic generally speaking. • have a sentence telling the reader write my paper for me whether or not the essay will once look at or both sides of this issue. • have a question/idea that you simply will answer in your essay. (Paragraph 4) in conclusion should: • Start with :: In conclusion” ,“In the end”, “To sum up” etc… • be 2 to 3 sentences long. • Include a listing of your main points. • have a reference to your original question (try to rephrase it). • have your opinion: “I believe…” I think” “I reckon” • do not have new information.
  • 13. STRUCTURING YOUR ESSAY Mathematics! • Most people talk about 10-12 words per line. • You have to write a complete of 190 words, therefore you should come up with 18 lines in total. INTRODUCTION: (general thought) 3 lines (30-40 words) Paragraph 1/ Idea 1 4 lines (40 words) Paragraph 2 / Idea 2 4 lines (40 words) Paragraph 3 / Idea 3 4 lines (40 words) In closing, 3 lines (30-40 words)
  • 16. TASK 3: a. Write the first draft of the essay in a bit of paper. (10 min) b. Look at your partner’s First draft.
  • 17. ESSAY LINKS http://teacher.sch olastic.com/activiti es/writing/persuas iveflash/transition alwords.htm http://www.flo- joe.co.uk/fce/stud ents/writing/linkin g/ Example question In class you have been discussing technology. Now, your English teacher has asked you to definitely write an essay. Write an essay using all the notes and present good reasons for your point of view. You need to write your answer in 140-190 words in an style that is appropriate. Nowadays, technology is everywhere. Has technology made people’s lives better or worse? Notes write on: 1.medical science 2.the internet 3.your idea that is own
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